“Sarah will you make my Bakewell look pretty?”


“Sarah will you make my Bakewell look pretty?”

This is often a statement I hear when I get in from work if you’d believe that? Oh The joys of living at home! Like what even is Bakewell? Not usually my thing but it was yum! Exceeded my expectations and the family (parents, aunts, granny) love it.

Ok so basically this is a Strawberry and Almond bake.

Ingredients: 200g of soft butter, 200g of golden caster sugar, 100g of self raising flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 4 eggs beaten, 150g of strawberries cut into pieces, 20g flaked almonds



Put all ingredients except for strawberries and almonds into a bowl and beat with a whisk. Spoon into a flat baking tray and smooth out into all four corners, scatter over the strawberries and sprinkle on the almonds and bake for 35-40 minutes. Make sure it is firm and golden before taking out of oven.

Now this was all pretty much done when I arrived home. All I had to do now was cut the bakewell into even squares and decorate. All I did was slice strawberries into circular pieces and neatly layered them onto each individual square.


I have no photos of before as my mother is not a serial instagrammer of food like I am!


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