THE Trifle


This is The Big Fat Tipsy Trifle recipe that I came across in Stellar Magazine at Christmas one year. Now my granny makes trifle that the mother and aunts always talk about so I was apprehensive about making it. This is actually the easiest dessert to make in a hurry that always turns out pretty. If we are ever having guests over to dinner at short notice (or if I am too lazy to prepare anything around my work schedule) I give someone a list, send them to the shop and this is what I make.



2x Madeira loaf cakes, 150ml Cointreau, 800g Strawberries, 250g Amaretti biscuits, vanilla extract (drops), 100g icing sugar, 900g double cream, 200g chocolate(grated)- The chocolate is not a necessity, as you can see in the 2nd photo there I used blueberries to top the trifle.



Slice the madeira cakes into thin slices (like 5mm) and line the bottom of the dish. (I was actually ecstatic when I found this dish to be honest, had been looking for AGES!) Make sure that the single layer of cake on bottom is tight. Brush with some Cointreau.    Place halved upside down strawberries around the edge of the dish pressed against the glass. Sprinkle crumbed amaretti buscuits 1/3 up the way of the strawberries. (crumbing the biscuits can be hard work- if I’m feeling lazy I blend them to a powder). Whisk the Vanilla, icing sugar and cream together until very thick and spread 1/3 of it on top of the strawberries and biscuits. Smooth cream out and repeat again until bowl is full.

Decorate with leftover biscuits/grated chocolate/ strawberries/ Anything!

(the amount of layers you’ll be able to fit depends on the time of year and size of strawberries) 🙂



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