Aisling’s 23rd Birthday Cake

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Aisling’s 23rd Birthday Cake

Literally any excuse to make a cake and I’m in there like swimwear! So naturally my sister’s 23rd birthday was no different than any other occasion! And she was having friends over that night, so they had to be impressed! This time I wanted to do something a little different because I’ve kinda gone cupcake mad! So i trawled through Pinterest and cake blogs and the whole internet! And I found a cake that I wanted to make for her, it was round, 2 tiered, chocolate with fruit piled on top! So we discussed it and she wanted a square cake- which really did suit as now it wasn’t going to look exactly like the photo I had saved! I also ran out of fruit and wafers when decorating but I’m glad I did as I loved how it turned out!!

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Here’s the recipe: The chocolate cake recipe is one I’ve had for years, it is probably the first chocolate cake I’ve ever made and I regularly alter it to suit an occasion.

I used 2 square tins, 6″ and an 8″ and I sliced each one into 2 halves before assembly. I also always line the tins with parchment and butter before cooking this.

I also doubled this recipe and tripled the ganache.

2014-03-16 11.30.48

For the cake part: 175g chocolate, 115g butter, 55g self raising flour, 85g ground almonds, 3 tbsp water, 3 eggs, 140g caster sugar, a pinch of salt.

2014-03-16 22.55.40


Melt chocolate, cut in butter and add water (over a bain marie) and stir until melted.

Separate the eggs into 2 bowls (whites in one, yolks in the other).

Whisk the yokes and the sugar until thick and creamy, stir in the chocolate mixture, add the ground almonds and flour, mix very well.

Whisk the egg whites with salt and fold gently into the chocolate mixture.

Pop the mixture into the tins and cook- now normally the cooking takes about 40-50 minutes but as I was trying out a layered square this time I just checked every 20 minutes until they were done.

When the cakes were cooked and cooled, I sliced each part into 2 and began adding the ganache!

For the ganache: 115g chocolate, 2 tbsps sour cream.

2014-03-16 13.15.13


Melt chocolate and stir in cream.


I started with the bigger squares by placing one onto the cake board, put a dollop of ganache and spread it evenly,then popped the same sized square on top and spread another layer of ganache, then the same with the smaller squares I repeated the same process. I then spread ganache over the whole cake.

2014-03-16 15.37.36

I started decorating with the wafers as I had wanted to put wafers on each side and fill the top with fruit, but I ran out! So I had to improvise! Happy with how it turned out though as it was completely different to the photo I had of the cake I had wanted to make! And everyone loved it!


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