Crazy Sunday 3 Layer Strawberry Cheesecake


Crazy Sunday 3 Layer Strawberry Cheesecake

Biscuit Base

500g crushed chocolate digestives

150g melted butter


Strawberry cream filling

200g fresh strawberries

1 tsp lemon juice

2tbsp caster sugar

300g creme fraiche

1 tsp vanilla extract

200ml double cream



Line the bottom of a springform cake tin with clingfilm.

Divide biscuit into 3 bowls, and divide up butter into 3 sections, melt butter and stir into biscuit, 3 times. Press one third onto clingfilm and pop into the freezer for a few minutes, clingfilm another layer on top and repeat by adding second and third layers of  biscuit and butter mixture, separated by clingfilm on each layer. You can do this separately but you’ll need to pop each layer into the freezer for up to 50 minutes.

Place Strawberries into a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar. Leave for 15-20 minutes.

Beat the creme fraiche, vanilla extract and 200ml of the cream until thick and fluffy. Then fold through the chopped strawberry mixture.



Place a layer of biscuit on a cake stand, top with half of the strawberry cream and repeat layers, finishing with the third biscuit layer. Beat remaining cream and spread on the top of the cake. Decorate with Strawberries and pop into the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

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