10 Interesting Random Baking Thoughts

10 Interesting Random Baking Thoughts

So I’ve decided to do an extra bit of blogging this week but I’m going to change it up a bit! This post is not going to be a recipe and the story behind it! No dramas or anything! I am simply going to go through some interesting finds that I came across online, all baking related obviously! I’m aiming for 10 items! I may use things that I want to make or bake, somethings that maybe get to me about baking! Probably going to rely a lot on Pinterest and StumbleUpon. I will stop rambling now and get started on my list!


Sarah X

1. Makebakesnapeat Facebook Page



Yes I realize it is my own page but I needed a way to let my WordPress followers and likers interacting with me on this! I have also learned a huge amount the last few days on how to reach more people with posts. I went from 77 Facebook likes (mostly friends and family) to almost 650 in approximately 24 hours. I gotta say I am proud of that! All it took was a little bit of courage to like other Facebook pages of similar interests and leave them a comment saying that they got a like from Makebakesnapeat or a like from an Irish girl’s baking blog. TRY IT!! It works!

2. Decobake


I have been saying for ages that I want to do a sugarcraft course but because I work full-time I still haven’t gotten around to doing it. I have decided to go for it and do it this summer. I promise myself that I will take the time off work and do it! Even though it cuts into my summer holiday time, it’s all about the baking! Now that I’ve made that decision I cannot wait  to get stuck in. Decobake are great for supplies too, Bachelor’s Walk in Dublin is where you’d often find me on a Saturday!

3. Macarons Vs Macaroons


This is one that has bothered me for a very long time. I am forever correcting people who make the mistake between the 2! It’s probably because my aunt used to make me macaroons as a child and I learned early on what a macaroon is.

 Macarons- think Laduree, think delicious mini sweet meringue filled treats! My favourite flavour has got to be pistachio. I love them! Armelle’s Kitchen does the best macarons in Ireland and they are sold in my local store!  http://www.armelleskitchen.com/p/french-macarons.html

I fell in love with macarons on a trip to Paris, I queued up to visit Laduree and of course I spent loads of money! Totally worth it though! I enjoyed every bite of each macaron. Favourite Laduree macaron has to be the salted caramel or the coconut.

Macaroons think coconutty yumminess possibly dipped in chocolate. For anyone who loves coconut as much as I do- Go for it and make macaroons this weekend!

4. Macarons


All this talk about macarons has me wanting to make them. I have a copy of this great macaron book. I really should use it. I have actually read it cover to cover but I’m just terrified that they will go terribly wrong.

5. Rainbow frosting


I recently taught myself, well Pinterest helped a lot, how to do rainbow frosting. It was surprisingly easy. For the first batch of cupcakes  I just used 3 colours and the second time I ever did it I jumped up to 6 and IT ACTUALLY WORKED OUT! Yay for me because they were made for an event.


Check out this tutorial on http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/rainbow-rosette-cupcakes/

6. Ice- cream frosting


This may sound like a strange one but for the last few weeks I have wanted to make cupcakes with a two tone frosting, pink and white with a flake stuck in the side of it. Kinda random I know but it’s next on my list to do!

7.Daphne’s Diary



I found Daphne’s Diary at the weekend in a bookstore. I loved it, it’s a magazine but like a diary. Daphne writes about food and baking in parts of it! It is so pretty!



I have 2 Broke Girls to thank for reminding me of these. I want to give it a go but I think I’d need a genuine excuse for making one, like some kind of event?! I’ll keep you posted but for now have a look at Martha Stewart’s tutorial.

9. Baking cups from Iced Jem’s Shop



The lady behind this is great, she has a very interactive Facebook page. When you bake something with anything from her shop you can send her a photo of it and she will share your page showing your work. Such a good Idea. And I am in LOVE with these baking cups.

10. Churros con chocolate


During my time in college I had an opportunity to live and work in Madrid. Whilst I was there I finally got some decent churros. I’ve had them a few times since but they are never as good as the random street churros or churros at the crazy Spanish circus. I need to make these!


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