The Gooey Oreo Brownies



So with minimal supplies I attempted this recipe! Didn’t turn out how I imagined and certainly not as pretty as I had wanted but they were delicious! I felt there was too much Oreo layer and made truffles for the top! I also added some sprinkling of icing sugar on top to try to disguise it’s lack of perfection!


It’s very simple-  As  I’ve just moved I literally had a pan to bake them in, I had just bought new cup measures and parchment and obviously the ingredients! And then just used a bowl and hand mixer to combine!


1 cup of butter

2 cups of sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup of hot chocolate powder

1 1/3 cups of plain flour

1 tsp fleur de sel

1 packet of Oreos

230g cream cheese

2 cups of chocolate chips

1 TBSP butter


Combine the butter and sugar, add the eggs. Then pop in the vanilla, hot chocolate powder and flour in 2 parts.

Pour into lined baking tray and bake at 180º-200ºc for 20- 30 minutes until a tooth pick comes out clean.

Leave to cool.

Crush Oreos in a blender (or ziplock bag and bash with a rolling pin).

In a bowl combine the Oreos and cream cheese.

When brownies are cold add a layer of the Oreo cream cheese on top.

Then melt your chocolate and butter and cool. Then layer this on top of the Oreo layer.

Chill in fridge to firm.


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