Awesome accidental pancakes

Last week my funds were very low, and I wanted a tasty brunch on my day off! As I obviously bake a lot I will always have the basics like eggs, flour, milk, butter and sugar in the cupboard. The dollop of Nutella on top of these was literally the scrapings of  an empty jar! And I’m not ashamed to say I plunged that jar into hot water to make it easier to get out! I always have frozen berries for smoothies too so I fished out a few raspberries to accompany my brunch! 

Normally I make pancakes with a little milk, 2 eggs and plain flour. This time I put in self raising by accident and I loved how they turned out. 

I also used the butter and oil trick we were taught in home ec. at school! 

Here’s my recipe; btw I don’t measure these properly these are just approximate measurements as I like them very eggy.


2 eggs

Milk 1/4 cup

Self raising flour 1/2 cup

Knob of butter

Glug of olive oil


In a bowl whisk your milk and eggs and sifted flour.

Heat oil on a pan on a low heat.

Add a little butter.

Pour 1 circular shape on to the pan and watch carefully.

When it is solid enough to flip then flip it over! 

I like to keep my pancakes hot so I boil a kettle of water and make a Bain Marie plate type thing to keep them warm whilst I make a batch.

Enjoy with Nutella, lemon and sugar, fruit or my personal favourite crushed Cadbury flakes.


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