Mars Bar Krispy Thins


Lately I’ve become a little addicted to Whittaker’s milk chocolate here in New Zealand. It’s quite good! But sometimes you just want something else with chocolate, like mars bars, butter and Rice Krispies! These are essentially my Mars attack bars but thinner! 


60g butter
9 mini mars bars
2-3 cups rice krispies ( Add 1 cup at a time and stir in-between each cup)
200g chocolate




Melt the chocolate, butter and mars bars over a bain marie.

let it cool a little and then add the rice krispies one cup at a time. If you think there will be too much rice krispies then stop adding them!
  Pop into a thin dish and allow to set.
The topping is optional. A recommended option!
I melt a chunk of butter and a slab of chocolate together over a bain marie.
When it has cooled I layer it on top of the rice krispie mixture!
Allow to set in the fridge for a while but remove once it starts to harden. Nobody wants damp rice krispie treats! 😛
Store in a tupperware box away from heat but out of the fridge.


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