The little cookie men!

I’ve been looking for a cookie recipe for a million years that holds shape and I’m getting closer! This one is the best I’ve used so far. Taste isn’t fantastic though! I’m working on that! Shape was priority first. They’re ideal for practising and practise icing. I’ve found that chilling the dough for longer and ore frequently helps also. I chilled this dough overnight,  then rolled it out and chilled it before cutting out the little men and I chilled each little man before cooking them. I have a serious lack of photos of these as they were made at Halloween and I gave them to some kids trick or treating! 


2 cups margarine 

2 cups caster sugar 

2 eggs (big are better)

4 tsps vanilla extract

5 cups plain cream flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

Combine butter and sugar.

Add eggs.

Add vanilla.

Combine dry ingredients, sifted of course, in another bowl.

Add dry and wet ingredients together.

Mix well.

Pull dough into a ball and knead a little.

Divide into 2/3 portions. 

1 at a time roll dough out using cling film or parchment paper.

Pop into fridge overnight.

The next day cut your shapes and pop onto a baking tray.

Re roll leftover dough and keep in fridge until using.

Put shapes in fridge for 1 hour.

Bake straight from fridge for approx 10 minutes at 180 degrees celcius or until just golden. 

Use max 2 trays in oven at a time.
Allow to cool completely before decorating. 


One thought on “The little cookie men!

  1. It’s the margarine that’s going to be the issue– it has more water in it than butter, and the oils melt faster than the fats in butter do, so the cookie won’t have time to set in the oven before the now-liquid margarine makes it lose its shape. Try butter and see what happens!

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